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Sunrise Knock Knock Competition: Enter the codeword and win $10,000 worth of Coles groceries


Get your entry into the Sunrise Knock Knock Competition for the opportunity to Win one of four prizes of $10,000 worth of Coles groceries.

The competition is open to residents of Australia who are eighteen years of age or over.

To get an entry, watch Sunrise on Channel 7 to get the daily code word. Then, go to the Competition Website and fill in the online entry form with all the personal details as requested by the promoter and your answer to the question “Why you need $10,000 worth of Coles groceries?”.

The competition concludes on 1 September, 2022. A judging panel will choose the winners.


There will be four prize winner, each winner will receive:
- Coles Gift cards to the value of $10,000 AUD.

Competition period

The Sunrise Knock Knock Competition will conclude on 1 September, 2022.

Winners and competition results

Winners will be chosen on 11, 18, 25 August and 1 September. 2022. Sunrise will knock at the door of the winners for them to accept the prize.


  1. I am a pensioner, $10.000 is a lot to win. But what the heck I am just as deserving as the next person so why not give it a go.

  2. My weekly Rent has been increased by $85 and finding it very difficult to cope on my pension, leaving $150 per week to survive on.

  3. I’ve always said I’d like to win something like this like this $10,000 giveaway and build up my mind because I don’t think nothing much of myself and my family tries to help me think a bit more better of myself but yes I’ve always have said I’d love to win something big even if it was a new car or even $5000 but just something big I’ve never been that lucky never felt that great i’m just a humble person that loves everybody and tries hard to love me

  4. It would be so an amazing win and amazing help.
    I am a single mum with Twin girls with Intellectual disabilities.
    Life is not easy and you try hard to my girls happy and to give them the best what you can.
    Wow $5,000 it would make my life much easier.
    Thank you Maria. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  5. DAIRY
    I was diagnosed ih MS in 2007 and had to give up work in 2007. I do not receive a pension and my husband continues to work. If I win, I would like to share the prize with my sister who was also diagnosed with MS. The joy would in share between the East and West of Australia. Cheers

  6. I did not understand at first until I saw your program a few times that you have to put in password I realise that your password this week is harvest I’ll tell you something about myself we had to get out of the house we’re in four years ago we’re stuck here now it was found by the Neighbourhood Centre for us and reason why we got out is because the tiles were falling off the wall in the shower room like so the housework in is not suitable enough to live in for Ask because it’s got black mould and rats in the roof and we have a Bestos roof and my husband’s got a lot of sicknesses like a Samia diabetes sleep apponea I myself have bad spinal injuries and getting up and down the stairs every single day we cannot do it where looking very hard to find a house but there is no houses that have any vacancies my husband‘s been in hospital this year with Covid virus and blood on his lungs he’s just a little bit better now he’s got ongoing covert virus and there’s nothing we can do about it we tried to talk to the housing commission people but they say three pensions are too much so we’re still stuck here for years later and we’ve been trying to get out of this house since I know this is a little bit much of your 25 words or more and yes I know the word this week is harvest i’m sorry I’m going on a little bit but I’ve got the three of us or with how our ups and downs sometimes more downs than ups each day

  7. I am nominating my mum for this truly great and life changing prize.
    My mum Valentina 54 is a brave, driven & optimistic lady. She has been suffering for the latest four years with back to back spinal surgerys & has slowed down her positive mind & her active life. She has not been working for the last 4 years to come & cannot do her basic life activities. She is in honest and desperate need for a boost of help. As I her daughter Stefani is her helping hand along with her family, she needs the luck & the greatest gift to give her life again in the most generous and giving way. I have chosen to nominate my mum for the winning prize as she is deserving and in great need of help & a wide smile to stain her face. To those who win you are all truly lucky & deserving of this prize & hope you all get through life in it’s greatest and powerful of ways!

  8. I have been putting others before me all my life, I would like to be able to win, and put myself first for a change.
    Code word is Basket – 30/08/2022

  9. Code word: Bakery
    After facing financial issues, I had to move in with my sister. Winning this voucher will mean my son an I can have a decent meal on our table, and to also help other in need.


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