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Sunrise Competition: Nominate a suburban superstar to win $7,000


Enter the Sunrise Competition, in it, you get to nominate a suburban superstar to win $7,000!

This competition is open only to legal residents of Australia over the age of 18, where the Channel 7 signal is received.

To enter you have to send an email to Channel 7’s Sunrise TV show, in that email you can nominate someone to be the Suburban Superstar by writing down who they are and why they deserve $7,000 AUD.  The email address you have to send this email to is suburbansuperstars@seven.com.au

Winner will be selected by a panel of judges.


There is one Major Prize available consisting of $7,000.

Winners and competition results

Winners will be selected by a judging panel.


  1. My Brother Garry Renshaw Albury NSW. Has supported the Local St Patricks Junior Football Club for over 30yrs.
    Always willing to put up his hand for amy fund raising or Working around the ground to getting things done before game day or on game day. Will often use his own money to buy the things needed for the club for fund raising. Awaits retun payment when the club has its Genral Meetings.
    Garry has Parkisons Disease. But he still gives 100 % to the club.


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