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Million Dollar Vax Vaccine Lottery: Win up to $1,000,000 at milliondollarvax.com


Enter now the Million Dollar Vax Lottery, get a vax and Win up to $1,000,000 or 1 of 100 $1,000 Ultimate gift card daily prizes.

The competition is open to all residents of Australia aged 18 years old and over who are fully vaccinated as per the National COVID-19 Vaccination Program at the time of entry.

To enter, go to milliondollarvax.com and fill in the online entry form. The form must include your first name, last name, email address, date of birth, mobile phone number, postal code, suburb and state.

The competition concludes on 31 October, 2021. Winners will be selected a random in a draw.


There is 1x Grand Prize and a total of 3,100 Daily Prizes and will consist of:
- Grand Prize: 1,000,000 in cash
- Daily Prizes: $1,000 Ultimate Gift Cards

Competition period

The Million Dollar Vax Lottery concludes on 31 October, 2021.

Winners and competition results

Major prize winner will be selected on 5 November, 2021. All winners will be contacted by email.



  1. Had a bit of trouble with the birth date entry and I think I accidently put the wrong date (month) and I dont seem to be able to rectify this.

    • Ray, adjust the dates from the smaller boxes on the top row of the date box where it says month and year.. I’m sure you can resubmit a corrected version.

  2. This is bullshit. I enter my details but I get stuck when trying to enter my DOB. The year always defaults to 2021 & won’t accept my actual year of birth. I am able to write my year of birth but when I do the ROBOT test, it defaults back to 2021 even though when I have passed the ROBOT test.

  3. What a load of shit this is I tried to change the date of birth and there is no way it would change, so the system will not accept my details to enter. I will close down and see if it works for my wife.

  4. Again I tried to enter my wife in the competition and it would not accept her date of birth so she is also unable to enter. This is a bloody waste of time and effort. This looks like a Scomo promotion, Promises everything and give nothing.

  5. Had to have a couple of tries to enter my DOB. But did year first then date and month. No issues and was accepted in the draw.

  6. Well i finally worked out how to register my entry. You must enter the year first but when I tried to enter my wife using the same system it would not accept her entry. Is this designed to block out many of the entry’s? I certainly don’t know but it’s frustrating.

  7. Again I say this is the greatest load of shit I have encountered for a long time, I have wasted so much time trying to enter and have been unsuccessful in doing so. There is no contact facilities so I can’t contact them to ask how to enter. They have a section for most asked questions but if there is no way to contact them then the most asked questions section is a make up load of shit too.

  8. I will now go on Facebook and warn others how difficult this site is and how it is almost impossible to enter the competition. Good luck to anyone trying to enter.

    • I consider myself an old dinosaur in short, a computer illiterate and yet I got it at first go.
      Good on you mate, go tell everyone not to participate so people like us have more chances of winning – less men more share!!
      Thank you.

  9. For those having trouble getting passed the auto date, I found by entering the year first, followed by the month and finally the day works everytime – sometimes one just needs to think outside of the box.

    I found the site to be so simple and easy to use.

    Neil H

  10. We are over 70 and fully vacced and so very glad to have a safe vaccine such as AsteraVenica did not have any effects at all except for a sore needle site , only laste a few days..

  11. in the date section do the YEAR then MONTH then the DAY…in that order – FOR WHAT EVER REASON and who ever set this up needs a kick in the pants.

  12. Hi I have entered both myself and my husband into the draw. I have only received one email to say that my entry has been submitted successfully. Could this be because the email address was the same for both entries? If so this needs adjusting as I’m sure there are a lot of other couples out there that share the same email address. If there is some other problem could you please let me know how to rectify this issue.
    With thanks


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