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McDonalds McCafe 25 Years Competition: Enter your code and win coffee for a year at mcdonalds.com.au/mccafe25


Enter the McDonalds McCafe 25 Years Competition for your chance to win one of the 931 Prizes of free coffee for an entire year (1 Per Day for a Year).

Purchase one or more eligible McCafe beverages: hot coffee, cold coffee, iced coffee and chocolate beverages, frappes, teas, Chai latte, hot chocolate or Babyccino. In your receipt you will find a unique code.

Go to the official McDonalds McCafe 25 Years Competition website at mcdonalds.com.au/mccafe25 and sign up for a mymacca account if you don’t have one.

Once you have logged in, fill out the form with the requested information and your unique code to go into the draw.

A random draw will take place to select the 931 winners of free coffee for a year.


There will be 931 winners of free coffee for an entire year (consisting of 1 Cafe beverages of any size Per Day for a Year), valued at $2,390.75.

Competition period

The McDonalds McCafe 25 Years Competition concludes on 20 March 2018.

Winners and competition results

Winners will be determined by random draw from all elegible entries on 26 March 2018.


  1. I love my coffee in the morning before I go to work the coffee is fairly consistent every day the girls that serve you are very cheerful most of the time that early in the moring

  2. I have tried to sign in but the dam thing keeps telling me toput my email adress in when theres nowere to put it.i changed the password that dident help either

  3. The Coffee at Helensvale is the best in the shopping centre I have tried the 3 specialist coffee shops
    The staff make my coffee exactly how I like it and always make me feel welcome

  4. i cant enter mccafe25 comp’code is JLJNHEFJVTPTSFQTFV AND
    Regards Leone Flanagan

  5. You CAN’T enter the code on your receipt for McCafe coffee. I’ve tried every option and all I get is the major competition link which requires you to leave all your details (name, address, date of birth) and to agree to have your details sent to ANYONE with whom they are affiliated. In other words, you’ll be bombarded with emails from everywhere and your personal details are threatened. NOT happy MCCafe!!!!!!

  6. It has only take me a month to work out how to enter my codes on the ridiculous McDonalds McCafe25 competition page.
    What a joke !!!
    McDonalds do NOT want you to even enter this let alone WIN !!

    The only way to do it was to enter via this sute and on this page….if the App starts to slow or tell me “service unavailable” AND BELIEVE ME IT WILL, then exit the McDonalds page and enter via the link on this site. Worked for me. Finally got to enter about 30 odd codes I had been collecting from receipts I had logged up because of the useless McDonalds site.
    I have to wonder whether ppl are guessing codes and this would account for the “CODE HAS ALREADY BEEN USED” message that came up on some I had never entered.

  7. Your page insists I insert my email address but I can see nowhere to “insert” that. My two codes are JLKSRWMQJVRFHRJNV and JLKSRWMQJVRFHRJVM purchase was made on 13/03/2018, Restaurant Number 1076. Thank you. Hilda


    What a Joke.

    I expect to be bombarded with SPAM emails after entering any MACCA’s comp anyway

  9. i would like to know the list of winners for the free coffee for 1 year.
    how can we view winners list.

  10. I must have lucked out. I won, it took 30 seconds to enter the comp & I did that through my browser..
    I want to know if it’s a regular or large (probs reg) & can I vary from coffee to tea or latte at my discretion.


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