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IGA Shop Scratch Win 2021: Enter your code and win up to $5,000 at iga.com.au/win


Get an entry to the IGA Shop Scratch Win 2021 for the opportunity to Win $5,000 cash.

Entry is open to residents of Australia. Entrants under 18 must have parental consent to enter.

First you must spent at least $30 AUD in one transaction from any IGA, Supa IGA or Foodland IGA store. You will receive a game card at the time of purchase, scratch the card to reveal and instant prize. To enter the draw, go to iga.com.au/win and fill out the online entry form including the unique code from you card.

Entries close on 23 February, 2021. Draw winners will be determined at random.


Instant prizes consist of gift cards, weekly major prize will consist of $5,000 AUD each.

Competition period

The IGA Shop Scratch Win 2021 concludes on 23 February, 2021.

Winners and competition results

Draws will be made on 3, 10, 17 and 24 February, 2021. Winners will be notified by email.



  1. Unique Code W2K8F9 – so unique nowhere to enter it !!!
    Have viewed the above website listed in orange 🍊 but still not able to see where to enter competition????
    Cheers Robyn

  2. Very poorly organised and rather naughty in that its almost impossible to enter.Wont bother getting another losing scratchie. Hope it didnt cost IGA too much because I doubt it’s won them any new friends.

  3. I have been unable to enter the $5000 weekly prize draw.
    To start with it didn’t like my address, so I used my daughter’s address.
    Now it doesn’t like the date that I’m putting in. All that’s before asking for a code!
    Please explain.
    Dianne Hulme

  4. I take it all back.
    When I clicked on the link above it went to a different place to where I was previously and I was able to very simply enter my details and unique code without any problems.

  5. My local IGA did not know anything about the Competition. Clearly not ALL states are involved. OR as usual Tasmania are not involved. Poor information and mis leading advertising.

  6. My name is eddie lang and I’m still for my gift cards they said I won this was about 4 weeks ago and haven’t heard any thing

  7. Doesn’t look good to state on the back of the scratch card that winners will be announced in ‘The Australian’ 3/3/21 if this is not carried through. Another black mark on an already dodgy promotional
    scheme. Difficult to enter. Cards not offered to customers who qualify. Stores ‘run out’ of cards. And really – what’s to stop the IGA staff from taking advantage?


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