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IGA Scratch and Win Promotion 2020: Win up to $5,000 at shopscratchwin.com.au


Enter the IGA Shop, Scratch and Win Promotion 2020 for the opportunity to Win up to $5,000 AUD cash.

Entry is open to ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, VIC and WA residents. Entrants under 18 must have parental approval to enter.

To enter, you must spent at least $30 in one transaction from IGA to receive a game card, then scratch the card to reveal an instant prize. To enter the weekly prize draw, visit shopscratchwin.com.au and input the requested details including the unique code on the game card.

Entries will into the weekly draw will close on 25 February, 2020. Draw winner will be selected at random.


There will be four weekly prizes to be won, each will consist of $5,000 AUD cash.
Instant wins are gift cards as follows: $5.15, $10, $20, $30, $40, $50 or $100.

Competition period

The IGA Shop, Scratch and Win Promotion 2020 will run from 29 January, 2020 to 25 February, 2020 at $11:59 pm AEDT.

Winners and competition results

Draw winners will be selected on 5, 12, 19 and 26 January, 2020 and will be notified by email.



  1. Your cards state “Shop – Scratch – Win” – with EVERY $30 spent

    Does this mean what it says, that you get a card PER $30 spend or is is 1 card per transaction with a minimum $30 spend?

    Your advertising is faulty if the 2nd it the right version and should state as such

    If the first is right, then you need to deal with the idiots at IGA Balga. The manager just had a stand up argument with me, wouldn’t let me speak, just kept talking over me and saying I was wrong. The card says very clearly at the top … with every $30 spend. Even the poor girl who was serving said as much as well as all the other customers who were also wanting their scratchy cards.

    ALSO – On this exact page it makes no sense!!!! You have – the competition runs from 29 Jan – 25 Feb 2020.
    Draw winners will be selected on 5, 12, 19 and 26 JANUARY!!!!!!!!!


    I would love this to be explained to me as there is something seriously wrong. Since all those draws have taken place and NO ONE could have won due to the fact that the cards only started getting handed out AFTER the draw was dealt, I would appreciate winning at least 1 of the $5000 that you have saved due to no one winning…..

    • Totally agree with your comments above Naomi i have just gone in as it states on scratchy to enter- then read draws are on the dates shown above so its over Funny how this spend $30 and get scratchy is only being given out this week and have not received others previous to yesterday 30th Jan Bit of a joke IGA what’s the point……….NO WINNERS NO SCRATCH CARDS given out at all over the month of Jan until yesterday, what a JOKE

    • Forgot to mention the WINNERS IF ANY **NOT** will be notified by mail NO IGA you provide winners on Social Media funny how no-one knows who winners are only those that win yep sure how stupid do you think we are???????

    • It is get one card for every $30 you spend as per the t’s and c’s.The dates for draws on the website are when they are drawn.
      Winners will be listed in The Australian. As per the info on the tickets.
      Vicki i think you need to go back and read the instructions clearly.

      • Yes, definitely follow the http://www.iga.com.au for the correct site. The Competitions Australia site would not recognize my email address, kept telling me it was invalid. The IGA website had no problems with it and very easy to follow. I also had a friend win $10,000 in one competition a few years back. IGA had to convince her it was not a hoax call, and she received the money without any issue.

  2. very disappointing. you scratch the card. log on to enter and 1 part asks for receipt number.. so I’ve just waisted 4 chances to win cause didn’t know to keep docket… iga were very clear on what to do with ticket. but they didn’t say you must enter a ticket number

    • Always read the instructions. Very rarely would you win a prize without proof of purchase for anything! Its not up to IGA staff to do your reading. They are only human.

      • The card you are given should be enough proof of purchase as they are only given out if you have spent the money. So far I have not been able to find the place to enter my unique code. Very frustrating

  3. Not a Fair Competition to all, as lots of elderly Folk cant enter. Even when you do the site is unfriendly and you just go around in circles. EG, where do you enter Codes & Double entry codes. I think this Promo needs Dept of Fair Trading to take a look !

  4. Totally agree just a scam to get you on their email list. Just tried and couldn’t find anywhere to enter our code. Please unsubscribe me. I’m not interested any more and I don’t want your emails.

    • It is very simple. You enter 1 code each time for single or double entry. Where are you doing the competition? On the IGA website or some random one?
      Why can’t elderly people enter?

      • Because the writing is so small they can’t read the instructions – even with their glasses on. Then they need to be very computer literate to be able to enter! The instructions are NOT clear on one side it has the IGA site listed and on the back it has the other site.

        • And where is the receipt number, as is not clear?
          Also I started receiving other sales phone calls which I certainly do not need .
          I presume they are selling my details to other Sales people?

  5. I was given a scratch pad at my new IGA in Claremont. Opened that day. Went immediately into iga.com.au/win put in the “unique code” & was told invalid or already used. So this “promotion” does not work.

  6. My receipt doesn’t have a bar code. At the bottom there is six digits with a slash after the first two digits – is that it?

  7. I’ve tried the number underneath the barcode tried the other dozen or so numbers on the slip with no response, nothing loads, the page goes no-where, and no response saying wrong code or wrong anything, it just sat there looking stupid. 🙁

  8. I wish to enter the IGA competition but do not know what number is the receipt number the docket does not have a barcode. Wil

  9. Too many people Not Happy. I am one of the older people who have been mentioned. But what if you don’t have a computer ? I basically know my way around my computer and am still finding this very perplexing.

  10. Somebody phoned me the other day claiming to be from IGA and saying that they needed my address because they had a package to send to me and did I want it left at my door. Seeing as the scratch and win tickets only involve money I did not believe they were genuine because that would not be the way to send money. I told the guy that I considered to be a hoaxer that he could keep the package and he said he would!!!!! I sent in entries to your competition but it did not appear to take. I have also won an IGA Gift card for $10.00 but they don’t redeem them at the Toodyay Store and said I would have to contact you people via computer but I told them that my last entry did not appear to take so does that mean I miss out on a prize? If so I will be very disappointed as I spend a lot at that store.

  11. do not enter this – you will receive sales phone calls from other businesses and scumbag salespeople, they are giving out (selling) our mobile phone numbers after we enter them into the website. There is no way alfresco creations blinds could of gotten my personal phone number if it wasn’t for entering this “competition”(scam).

  12. Wow, what a lot of complainers. Writing same size on majority of competition cards. Always keep the receipt at least until you read the T’s and C’s but don’t blame them because you couldn’t be bothered and as for winning. I have won a $40 gift card. But my mother-in-law won a car from IGA a couple of years ago and so did a friend of hers. Woollies and Coles require you to keep receipts as well for many of there comps

  13. I have just entered and just left the receipt number blank and was advised I won $10 – the receipts are well gone…. Must wait and see what happens. Tan wait until you get older and need glasses the fine writing is a challenge even with a magnifying glasses. Some people may be being discriminated against because of this and the need to be computer illiterate. Directions for completing the form was OK if you are familiar with computers and I am 79 years old.

  14. I won $10 but when I took it into local store they had no idea how to give it to me, do I need to register it on the internet or is it like the other instant wins where they just give it to me at the store?

  15. OMG! Thank goodness we all have Katy to put us right! lol! I need to go back to primary school to learn to read, cause I sure don’t see anywhere on the ticket stubs I’ve got the word receipt. And I certainly don’t know what T&Cs mean. Gosh if that’s the word for receipt, the school system in Australia needs to hire Katy to set us on a successful path in life.


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