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Arnott’s Shapes Xbox Promotion: Win Xbox Series S Consoles every day at shapeswin.com


Get an entry to the Arnott’s Shapes Xbox Promotion for a chance to Win an Xbox Series S every day.

The promotion is open to all Australian residents who are eighteen years of age or over at the time of entry.

To get an entry, you must purchase a specially marked box of Shapes and look for a unique code inside the package. Next, go to shapeswin.com and complete in full the entry for with your full name, email, phone, store and the unique code.

The promotion will conclude on 27 March, 2022. A draw will be conducted each day to determine a major prize winner.


There are 56 prizes to be won, each will consist of a Microsoft Xbox Series S console 512GB valued at AUD$499 plus a Forza Horizon 5 Game (digital download) valued at AUD$99.95.

Competition period

The Arnott's Shapes Xbox Promotion will conclude on 27 March, 2022.

Winners and competition results

Winner will be determined daily and will be notified by email.


  1. i am extremely annoyed, I purchased 2 packets of shapes today, from a display stand in a Coles supermarket, advertising this competition, there was no mention of the competition on the outside of the packets, I assumed the details were inside the box, I was wrong, so I have googled the competition, the competition packets are supposed to clearly marked, I did not see any marked packets on that stand I feel Coles has tricked me into making a purchase.

  2. Must have a credit card to enter,Nothing bout that on box, yeah right mate, you want taxfile, drivers license aswell,how about i bend over for an internal examination aswel? Stick this where the sun dont shine,returning unopened boxes!l

  3. So so frustrating my code number has not. Been accepted in last 3 entries, No number to call for support buy the shapes regularly doing x box for my grandson,,,,,,


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